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Follow these steps


At Juventus Cosmetic we offer you some tips that will help you to have an excellent recovery after an intervention.

When the patient is discharged, these steps should be followed with certain care at the time of post-operative:

What you should do

  • Perform a minimum daily walk for a few minutes from the day after the patient arrives home, which does not involve much time and distance but streamline and flexibility the body.
  • At first the person should rest in her/his home for approximately 5 to 7 days, depending on the evolution of the operation.
  • If you need to leave your home, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.
  • – Clean the wound every day with warm water and preferably liquid soap.
  • You must protect the site intervened from bumps and rubs so the inflammation decreases more quickly and effectively.
  • – Follow properly the treatment of anti-inflammatories and antibiotics performed by the doctor.
  • It is necessary to use comfortable and loose garments that do not make the patient to move the arms, this will reduce the chances of altering the wounds of the operation (In the case of being a liposuction intervention).
  • It is also important to carry out a balanced diet that does not constipate the organism since otherwise it would imply abdominal strength at the time of evacuation. It is also advisable to consume small quantities. – Maintain constant communication with the surgeon or doctor who carried out the intervention.
  • – Maintain constant communication with the surgeon or doctor who carried out the intervention.

What you should not do

  • – Do not perform house chores such as washing clothes or dishes, not cooking and not making sudden movements.
  • As for the patients who smoke, they are likely to be prohibited from using cigarettes, even before the operation is performed.
  • It is important not to apply yourself creams, natural remedies or ointments in the wounds without the authorization of the surgeon.
  • – It is forbidden to lift babies or small children.
  • 24 hours After the operation it is advisable to bathe or wash the wounds.
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