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Cavitation is a non-surgical treatment that generates the decomposition of the cells of the subcutaneous fat tissue by means of ultrasound which is applied with the help of an electric field, where it is sought to eliminate the localized fat in the body of the person.

At Juventus Cosmetic Surgery we have the best medical specialists in Miami and the latest technology that will give you the best appearance so you can have less cellulite and look your best in a short time.


This procedure is for people who seek to solve their cellulite problem areas that are difficult to eliminate in different areas of the body.

It also targets the areas where fat has accumulated in the abdomen, legs and arms that won’t be corrected with diet and exercises.


As it is a non-surgical treatment, during each session a volume reduction of the treated area of about 2 cm is achieved.

It is estimated that 6 to 12 sessions are necessary depending on the area treated and the patient’s condition to achieve a desired final result. Usually, each session lasts about 30 minutes.

After treatment, normal daily activities can be resumed, but it is recommended not to Oversun or to make other treatments that may irritate the skin.

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