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Micropigmentation is the method used to create a permanent makeup effect on the skin. This procedure is done with a digital machine that implants color deep into the skin, just like a tattoo.

When done by professionals, brow micropigmentation can leave spectacular results. Carefully designing your brow shape is a key aspect that will mark the difference. In Juventus Cosmetic Surgery, our specialists will help you choose the shape that best suits and frames your eyes.

After care

After the procedure, you may experience itching and flaking, but if you follow all recommendations given by the specialist it will go away.
To obtain the best possible results, it’s important that you follow some instructions:

-Don’t scratch your brows after the procedure.

-Avoid sun exposure

-Avoid swimming pools, saunas or any other wet places for at least 10 days

-Avoid facial treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, facials, and Botox for at least 4 weeks.

Recovery time

Unlike with dermal fillers, you can go back to normal activity right after your appointment. Although you might show some redness after the injection is done, it will disappear quickly.

The one thing you should keep in mind is to not lie down during the first four hours following the injection. This will prevent the fluid to migrate to other areas of your face. The same goes with rubbing or massaging the area.

The procedure can take 2 hours to complete, but the results are long-lasting. After the session, your skin will take a little longer to heal, and you’ll need to apply ointments during the first week to aid the healing process.

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