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If you want to augment, reshape and enhance your buttock looks, a buttock augmentation surgery is the right procedure for you as it provides you with an uplifted and attractive buttock profile.

A buttock augmentation surgery is the right choice if:

– You want your buttocks to be more proportional to the rest of your body

– You want a more rounded and youthful look

– You have sagging, loose, or flat buttocks due to age or weight loss.

How is a buttock augmentation surgery performed?

There are two ways in which it can be done, one of the is the popular “Brazilian Butt Lift” or Autologous procedure, the other way is using gluteal implants.

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

In this procedure, your surgeon will take fatty tissue from other areas of your body, usually, the abdomen hips, back, and thighs; process it for fat transfer, and then reinject it through small incisions to reshape your buttocks.

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Some patients don’t have enough fatty tissue, gluteal implants could be a better option for reshaping flat buttocks. In this procedure, the surgeon places soft silicone implants through an incision in the buttock crease.

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