Dr. Gonzalo Mosquera M.D.

Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Gonzalo Mosquera M.D. is an eminent medical doctor from Colombia, specialized in Internal Medicine, Cosmetic Medicine and Anti-aging Treatments. His medical philosophy is based on the combination of traditional techniques, diseases prevention and cutting-edge treatments, to restore or revive the curves of Latin women with a natural and long lasting effect.

Plasma rich in platelets, Liposuction and fat transfer with local anesthesia and all types of fillers and Botox.

Dr. Gonzalo Mosquera M.D. studied Medicine and Surgery at Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia (graduation of 1995). Afterward, he worked during a year and a half in the Amazon jungle, performing all kinds of procedures in the communities.

Later, he came to the United States and completed his training at the University of Setton Hall, New Jersey, in the specialty of Internal Medicine. Since here, he became interested in Anti-Aging Medicine, including Liposuction.

After three years of Internal Medicine training, he returned to Colombia to receive preparation in Aesthetic Medicine and Liposuction with Local Anesthesia. In Cali, he participated in a Seminar taught by Dr. Giorgio Fischer, one of the pioneers of Liposuction in Europe.

He has also been trained in other Anti-aging Medicine procedures, such as Ozone Therapy and Hormone Therapy, and facial procedures such as Dermal Fillers, Fat Transfer to the Face, among others.

Dr. Gonzalo Mosquera M.D. specializes in procedures with Local Anesthesia like:

  • Liposuction, Liposculpture
  • Fat Transfer to the Face
  • Fat Transfer to the Buttocks or Brazilian Butt Lift
  • Six Pack or Abs Marking
  • Anti-Aging Treatment


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